Sinus bleeding after flu

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Caleb Turk
Feb 18, 2023 04:48 PM 1 Answers Allergy, Cold & Flu
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For context:
I had a very horrible flu that caused the most painful sore throat. Fever is gone now, and I'm recovering, but still have bleeding somewhere in my sinuses (feels like just above my mouth/nasal "flap", if that makes sense), and it pools, and then causes me to have a gagging feeling (I don't allow myself to actually gag most of the time, but that nauseatingly annoying gag feeling is there. I also don't allow myself to cough most of the time, because that hurts and I'm afraid it would possibly cause more damage, so I instead will just gargle some water).
So I started using the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It does loosen it all up and I'm able to spit it out. Very nice relief for about 2 hours, then I put up with it for another 4 hours and do the rinse again. (The mucus relief and ability to breath nicely lasts longer than 6 hours for me, but the slow pooling of blood happens at a quicker rate.)

I have 2 conflicting concerns, and don't know which is right:
1. Considering that thick, dark yellow mucus and medium-dark red blood mixture comes out when I do the rinse, I figure the sinus rinse may help prevent a secondary infection happening in the wound caused by the flu.
2. However, I'm also afraid that possibly the rinse is preventing the wound from fully closing, which may be why I'm still bleeding 2 days after the fever stopped.
(I don't know, but these are my concerns.)

What should I do? Will the rinse prevent an infection and so I should keep using it, and the wound will still heal eventually? Or is the rinse keeping it from healing and so I should stop for a while? (And if I should stop, for how long? Because I am most definately going to miss the sinus relief if I must stop the rinse.)

Thank you for your time and any help you provide!

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Feb 20, 2023

NeilMed Sinus Rinse will help you and will not create any harm in your situation. It seems the infection is continuing. It is not uncommon that following a viral infection, where antibiotics don’t help, a bacterial infection may have started which is creating your current symptoms. I am not your treating doctor, but use of antibiotics may be required. One can also culture the yellow mucus from your sinuses to find out what kind of bacteria you may have. Please consult your treating physician to see if antibiotics or a mucus culture are required.

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