NeilMed Sinugator not working

Sharlene RichardsonSharlene Richardson asked 3 months ago
Hello, I purchased the NeilMed Sinugator two years ago and have been using it on average about 1x/week.  This past week I went to use it and although I could hear the motor working, no water would come through the nozzle.  I thought perhaps the batteries were dying and so replaced them but I ended-up with the same result. I no longer have my receipt so I tried troubleshooting the devise myself but cannot see anything wrong with it.  Everything seems to be in tact with no loose fittings.  What can you do to help me with this situation? Thank you, Sharlene Richardson
1 Answers
Ask A DoctorAsk A Doctor Staff answered 3 months ago
We will be happy to replace it at no cost to you. Please call toll free 1-877-477-8633.